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Living La Vida Loca in Vegas

Recently as part of my trip to the States I got the chance to visit Las Vegas, also simply known as Vegas as per the saying ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ – not a chance.

The moment we landed I was expecting to see Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley impersonators walking about, but all it was, was a desert with, what seemed like, millions of hotels, one of which was the popular Flamingo hotel. I stayed at the Luxor hotel with its Pyramid shaped Casino and Egyptian inspired design, which also happens to be the second largest hotel in Las Vegas and the eighth largest in the world (the largest being the MGM Grand).

On the first day I took some much needed rest, whereas on day two I shopped during the day and later that evening, went to go and see the very reason for my visit to Las Vegas, the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana. What left an impression on me however was not the fight, but the fact that after about an hour and half of the fight having finished, there was a stampede.

Reason being apparently was because of another fight that broke loose between men acting like boys at the top of the staircase. What I remember hearing was lots of fast paced footsteps heading my way with security making a run past me. With my outfit for the occasion including a new pair of heels, running would of come with great difficulty and so it was by luck that no harm came to me, some people however weren’t as fortunate and got stood on.

What was more disturbing, was how that fight then broke out with gun shots, but the police, much like the press, tried to hide the fact by saying that it was just a fight that didn’t escalate to the point of shots being fired. I mean, there wasn’t even a mention of the stampede in the news.

After the chaos I managed to spot Mayweather’s girlfriend Doralie Madena who was being followed by paparazzi. She seemed to be normal girl although she clearly had lots of makeup on, which got me thinking that America is a whole lot of hype where we are usually sold a dream. I didn’t even see one hot chick much like the ones that are depicted on TV shows. The food was also a disappointment to say the least, where one has to be willing to pay a small fortune to eat well as most is usually fried food.

There are also casino’s everywhere not to mention slot machines in convenience stores, which is not surprising as Las Vegas is known primarily for gambling and the nightlife. I also got to indulge in why Vegas is known as Sin city by visiting Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, which is said to be the world’s biggest strip club.

The vacation overall of my recent trip to the States was an eye opener that made me realise how much I love South Africa and that there’s definitely no place like home.

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