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My Stay At Disney World

A world of wonder awaited me when I recently took a trip to the States on Delta Airways from Johannesburg via Atlanta to Orlando – Florida’s Disney World.

I had a three day stay there in one of its 27 themed resort hotels – the All-Star Music Resort and knowing that I had to optimise my days based on the time difference – planning was key. When I landed in the morning I started my Disney trip by visiting the following theme parks – the Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom and the two Water Parks. I only saw the three out of the four, not having gotten the chance to see Epcot.

On day one I went to the Water Parks and even though I was jet legged I made the most of my visit. While on day two I went to the Animal Kingdom which brought out the child in me as I had my face painted and took pictures with my favourite Disney characters namely, Mickey Mouse and Pocahontas.

I then also went on a Safari drive, which brought a bit of Africa to America as we were shown animals such as the giraffe, the ones we were shown though, had very dark spots on them and it was then that we were told that there are different species of African giraffes and not just the one, which I found interesting.

We also got to see a different looking cow with massive horns known as the messiah cow. Although the safari ride had an element of ‘realness’ to it, a dead giveaway that showed that the safari was man made was the grass, which was way too green and luscious because as Africans would know, the landscape is actually yellow and dry.

The whole Africa experience in America made me realise how overseas countries capitalise way more on what we have in our own backyards than we do, and to add to this were vendors who sold African ornaments which were being purchased like hotcakes.

For the second half of my day, leading up to the evening, I then visited the Magic Kingdom, which was themed around Disney movies. There were castles, little streets and shops. It was like a dream and I suppose that’s why it’s called the way it is – it was also pretty similar to the one that I had visited in Disney Land Paris a few years back.

I believe I went on about 80 percent of the rides and since most of the children in the area were back at school it was during off peak time, which meant queuing to get on the rides didn’t take very long. It took me about 10 minutes to wait in line for each ride.

Day three finally came and I had to say farewell to my world of wonder – Disney World. I must however say that it was definitely a vacation well spent and I got to live out my childhood dream.

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