Sugar Mama?

We live in an era of independent women, where, these days they can stand on their own financially and where, going against tradition, men are dating these women for this reason. Let me illustrate…

Recently I was out having breakfast when I bumped into a young lady with whom I instantly clicked and we started discussing our personal lives which happens – women talk!

She told me about an experience she had with a guy she’d been seeing and who would frequently ask to lend money from her even for the most minuscule things, like buying cigarettes. And according to her, they had only just started getting to know each other, when he felt comfortable enough to ask her for money. Of course if you know anything about me, this sort of behaviour would have me running for the hills!

Reason being that if it starts out in this way chances are he’ll eventually ask for financial help of a substantial amount. Such as a loan, which I’m sure he’ll promise to pay it back – but never will. And if a guy who, in an ideal world, should be cofunding your lives together if not being the sole breadwinner because you’d like to have the option of being a stay at home mother, I believe it clearly shows that he is making use of you and not investing in you.

My view, simply put, was that the situation was absurd!!!!!! I am strong believer that as much as a woman can be independent and can do things for herself, a man should at least be able to look after himself and his family if he already has one. Yes, now and then as women we can assist with small things here and there – however a man is a man and should play his position.

It might boil down to women wanting to be ‘spoken for’, to a point where they overlook certain things done by men which instead should ring loud alarm bells.

My thinking is old school where, in my opinion, men are still the heads of the family based on the fact that they are physically stronger than us and on the fact that they have stronger earning power for the exact same skill in the workforce.

This pretty young lady had been so desperate for love, which we all have been at some point, that she ended up inviting this type of circumstance into her life by numbing her gut feelings.

Therefore ladies FORMATION!!!!! These men clearly do exist out there so decide now what you are willing to sacrifice which becomes especially hard when you’re in the relationship already. You don’t want to fall victim to his charm thinking that you are helping where instead what’s really happening is that he is helping himself to your money.

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