Life’s Let Downs And How To Cope With Them

When life doesn’t work out how you imagined – do you sulk, fall into deep depression, hate everyone and everything around you or do you look for the silver lining? Well sometimes not getting what you want can be a form of good luck which of course you will not see at the time. However, it truly all depends on how you look at it. I recently learnt that sometimes when things don’t go your way, it’s usually for your own good.

As the saying goes, “when we make plans, God laughs.” Sometimes we don’t get what we want at that moment because it may not be in line with God’s plan for our life. And that may not necessarily mean it will never happen for you, but that maybe you weren’t quite as ready as you had thought you might have been for it to happen at that time.

An example is a friend of mine who had been bitten by the maternal bug. And why not, she was in a relationship that she felt was right for her and she saw it lasting long term. However sometimes when you’re in that type of situation, you don’t really always see it for what it is. You just hope for it to be what you think it is. Therefore, when my friend became pregnant, of course she was over joyed. But it seems that the joy was only coming from her end as her perfect man then dumped her upon hearing that they were to have a baby.

So, stressed my friend became, that she eventually miscarried. She then later found out that her sister was pregnant and actually had a baby. Although she was not envious of her sister, she was disappointed and feeling let down by life and this man that she had thought was ideal for her. Then to make matters worse, the guy then tried coming back into the picture and requested for an open relationship.

It was at that time that my friend had to remove her rose-tinted glasses and see the situation for what it was. And really move on with her life without this person who she really cared about and thought so much of and who only ended up letting her down. And it was only then through positive thinking that she was able to see that in the end, it all worked out for her own benefit.

In conclusion, this taught me to let go of what we had thought should happen and live by what is actually happening. Meaning, be at peace, be in the moment and honestly stop forcing things to happen as we want them to and rather allow God’s will to take place because what’s meant to be, will be. And this does not mean being a push over in life and just letting things happen to you – however rather control as much as you can. And the rest for example: love, marriage and babies – leave in God’s hands.

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